Local Spring or Fall Conferences “Rewards” Program

This program is neither merit-based nor need-based, but rather an opportunity for perianesthesia nurses in Maine, MESPAN members and non-members, to participate in an annual drawing for either a fully compensated Spring or Fall Conference.

Maine nurses interested in having their name placed in the program must submit their interest in writing by regular mail or email to the current Scholarship Coordinator, whose contact information will be available on the MESPAN website.

All names received will be placed in a drawing and the first six names selected randomly will receive complimentary registration to either the Spring or Fall Conference of that year.

Winners of complimentary conference registrations for the current year will NOT be eligible to participate the following year.

Annual deadline for entry into the “Rewards” Program is January 31st.

To apply: click on this form and either complete it and send it by email or print and send it by postal mail.

Deb Caron

23 Kirk Street

Springvale, ME 04083

Conference Drawing Form 2017

National Conference

.The applicant for National Conference funds must be a MESPAN member in good standing.

.Each scholarship request application must be submitted to the current Scholarship Chairperson by regular mail or email. The scholarship application will be available online at the MESPAN website, and deadlines will be advertised in a timely manner by a variety of means: newsletter, website, and/or the MESPAN conference brochure.

.Each scholarship request application will require a point system evaluation to objectively determine the applicant’s active participation in perianesthesia nursing activities. New criteria have been added in order to increase the likelihood that more members will be eligible to receive scholarship funds.

.Funds may be used to offset the cost for registration, hotel, and/or travel expenses.

.Scholarship recipients are required to write a brief article about their experience for publishing in our Wake ME Up Newsletter. This article is due within 30 days post-conference.